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Gift of Sight Eye Hospital welcomes you

Gift of Sight Eye Hospital welcomes you

Gift of Sight Eye Hospital welcomes youGift of Sight Eye Hospital welcomes you

Come in for comprehensive eye exam services!

Gift of Sight Eye Hospital

Our Services

Overview of staff & services



Dr. Vinod and Dr. Varuna

Cataract services available.

INR 6000 to 26000


Branded and non branded

INR 500 and above



Checking eye's refractive power and providing prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses

Cataract surgery


Replace cataractous natural lens with artificial intraocular implant.

INR 6000 to 26000

Eye emergency services


First aid for eyelid tears and eyeball injuries

Removal of foreign bodies/particles

Treatment for conjunctivitis and allergies

Minor surgeries


Removal of conjunctival growth

Removal of cyst/wart

Septic surgeries


Incision and drainage of eyelid pus

Removal of eyelid growth/swellings

Lacrimal/tear sac extraction

Glaucoma/IOL Laser


Using YAG laser to reduce intraocular pressure or to clean deposits on the implanted intraocular lens

Retinal laser


Green laser for diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion to stabilize existing vision

Imaging services


Humphrey Field Analyser for testing field of vision in glaucoma and 

Optical Coherence Tomography for analysing retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and ascertaining thickness of retina for macular pathologies

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Gift of Sight Eye Hospital

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0431 245 9275


Monday-Saturday - : 9:00am - 11:30am           and 5:30pm to 730pm

730pm - 830pm: only emergency cases (power check will not be done)

Sunday: Closed


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