Dr. Vinod, examining a patient with 90D lens at slit lamp

Dr. Vinod Nathaniel

MBBS MS ophthal, CFT

Dr. Vinod Nathaniel - Dr. Varuna's son, is a fourth generation ophthalmologist. 

He has over ten years of ophthalmic experience and has been trained in all forms of cataract surgery, having operated more than 10000 cases.

Glaucoma and Medical Retina Specialist

He has received comprehensive training from Aravind Eye Care, with pertinence to glaucoma & oculoplasty and medical retina training from Joseph Eye Hospital, Trichy.

He was previously Head of Department of orbit division and H.O.D of eye camp division  at Aravind Eye Care, Salem. He has also trained doctors to perform surgery at the same hospital.

He is known for efficiently diagnosing eye problems in a very short amount of time, using only necessary investigations to arrive at a diagnosis.

He is also in charge of eye imaging services and laser treatment.

A certified personal fitness trainer by passion, he focuses on prevention of disease and believes strongly in stopping progression of illness before resorting to high - end treatment.